The difference between taking a photograph and capturing an image is having the eye and energy to make it come to life. Tiffani works to capture the true, authentic, essence of a thing, a moment, a feeling, a story or an idea through image. Drawing inspiration from her childhood, Tiffani took up photography in 2016 to return to the fullness of her creative spirit through visuals and storytelling. 

Tiffani's photography runs the gamut from portraiture to landscape. Through her photography, she hopes to educate, encourage and inspire. She believes in the magic of every moment and works to capture it even outside of special occasions.

Tiffani is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park and Eastern Michigan University, where she was a student athlete, competing in track and field and studying communication and sociology. She has since taken her enthusiasm for track and put it into practice in her photography. Tiffani is a native of Columbia, Maryland, but you can find her with her camera around the world.